We are on JOOR wholesale platform now! AIREI specializes in customizable designs, we offer a variety of items that are perfect for retail sales.

Jewelry for all

Whether you're looking to wholesale or retail, we have the right items for you! Find our collection of wholesale items here on our JOOR website: 


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Quality first

We understand the importance of quality and have buyers who are experts in their field. We carefully inspect each piece before it is sold to ensure you get the best quality.


High-value and custom pieces

You'll find an assortment of brass based jewelry pieces in gold, silver and platinum plating, as well as custom orders available in your choice of metal and coin patterns that will suit any budget or preference.

Choose what's right for you!

We offer our pieces in sets and individual!

*Jewelry Sets are labeled as: Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets and rings

*Jewelry Individuals are labeled as: Coins, Frame, Adapters, Charms, Chains...


- AUREI Jewelry sets are a great way to introduce it to new customers because it is easier and cheaper than buying Individuals. Jewelry sets also come with a variety of options for your store niche, save your time for retailing.  

- AUREI Individuals are great for those who have specific style or a playful shopping intentions, it offers your customer a mix and match experience.