AUREI is a fashion and jewelry brand with a small design manufacturing workshop based in southern California. We combine modern 3D modeling techniques to develop unique jewelry inspired by European antiquities.
All started in Paris; the brand AUREI itself and its creations were developed in early 2020 and founded in June 2021 in Los Angeles.

“AUREI” is known as “gold coins” in Latin, symbolizing wealth and eternity. MIA perfectly integrates fine arts, European cultural history, and three-dimensional techniques into her modern jewelry designs. The distinctive functioning capability of personalization provides a “new way of wear” and offers individuals a modern, chic, elegant, intelligent, and independent image.
Design Patent - ICONICOIN


Patent Design; ICONICOIN Frame and Adapter is registered and approved by the USA, the EU, and PRC




 What is the ICONICOIN System?




2020, a year of separation and connection, AUREI created the story of “ICONICOIN”.




“ICONICOIN” is a shortened form of “The Iconic Coin”, a fascinating blend of western and eastern cultural history. As we know, most fine jewelry is detachable and wearable in various ways, AUREI believes that not only fine jewelry but also fashion jewelry should have the same function.

At the same time, “ICONICOIN” has design patents approved by the EU, the USA and China, presents you with a remarkable sense of customization.




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